Comil dryers incorporate innovation and modern technologies, utilizing wood for drying the grain such as soy, wheat, corn, rice, barley, without relying on electricity or natural gas. Comil dryers come in variety of sizes and capacities, ranging from 20 to 150 t/h and humidity removal of 18% to 13%. Comil dryers provide additional thermal energy saving, due to the reutilization of the heat from the cooling zone. Major power saving are achieved, due to reuse of the air and also the high performance of the axial fans, as well as, greater drying homogeneity due to more uniform static pressure.

Capacity for uniform loading dryer

Designed for constant uniform boot dryer during operation. Equipped with a level sensor, connected to the loading mechanism. Prevents leakage of hot air in the upper part of the drying tower.

Unique uniform distribution of the grain with the help of electric motors.

Grain drying installation shaft type

It made of panels (reflector) built-in flow, through which grain is heated and a hot air oven.

May operate in a cooling mode and a heating mode complete.


Unloading of grain drying plant produced using dampers controlled gearmotors. Upload speed is controlled by the control panel.

Airflow Management System

The control system is designed to select the modes grain drying plant. In open ventilation hatches dryer is operated in the heating mode, 2/3 and 1/3 cooling. For long-term operation - partitions and dampers are made of galvanized steel. The system allows you to mix the hot air from the oven and cool air.

Ladders and platforms

Dryers are equipped with internal stairs and platforms for access to the drying tower, bunkers and internal floors.

Optionally, the ladder may be provided for external access to the hopper.

Fan sampler and small trash particles

A fan mounted at the front of the dryer to maintain a uniform velocity of the air passing through the drying tower, providing a uniform flow of heat throughout the mass of grain.

Collection of fines set option for the emission standards into the environment 75mg / m³.


It built from standard profiles, brick and metal on the outside, inside oblitsovana refractory bricks on the walls and ceiling of the combustion chamber. Easy implementation and low cost of the furnace. Equipped with iron railings and doors for a long lifetime. An effective system of galleries for the passage of hot air eliminates sparks inside the dryer.

Control of temperature and discharge rate

To control the hot air temperature sensor 3 are installed. A first sensor located at the inlet of the dryer vtoroi at the top of the dryer and the third outlet of the dryer.

Upload speed is manually adjusted depending on the culture and the temperature.

The system of heat recovery

The heated air in the cooling process is mixed with the hot air from the oven. This saves energy and 50% to 30% of the thermal energy. In full heating system also uses reusable warm air.