Family owned since 1965, Lambton is Canada’s leading manufacturer of grain storage, handling and conditioning systems.

Our 200,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Wallaceburg, Ontario, is home to engineering, production and support resources serving international farms, grain marketers, food processing and feed manufacturing industries. We pride ourselves on quality manufacturing for the industry’s most complete range of grain system structures, components and accessories – “ONE SOURCE. ONE SOLUTION.”

Lambton is rooted in the rich southern Ontario farmland of the Great Lakes region. Today, with international manufacturing facilities and a global network of field representatives, we continue to value our close personal connections with customers and associates around the world.

Roof assembly
A 32.5° standard roof angle is provided for both structured and non-structured versions in accordance with site requirements. Peak load capacities are engineered as needed from 4 K to 30 K. Upgraded roofs are available for higher snow/wind load areas. Fall arrest anchor points are standard on all Lambton roofs.
Roof ladders and stairs
Lambton supplies roof ladders as standard.
Optional ladder handrails and stair packages are also available.
Various platform types are available for rest, side draw and at-eave locations.
Swedged joint
Farm-stiffened grain bins feature an innovative swedged joint that eliminates the need for stiffener splices (where applicable) and reduces erection cost.
Ladder and curved bin stairs
Conventional ladder and safety cage is available for safe access. If you prefer an easier climb, Lambton can fit your bin with a curved stairway.
Stress-tested design
Lambton design technology optimizes bin construction with accurate calculations for wind stresses, roof-mounted equipment loads, and snow, including evenly distributed and unbalanced snow loads. Our designers will recommend a range of upgrade options based on loading inputs for your specific application and location.
Access doors
44" or 66" (depending on application) access doors supplied with each bin. A bin step is standard for easy access to your grain bin.
All sidewall sheets feature 4" wide corrugation with G115 galvanized coating* for superior protection and long lasting service.
We use JS1000™ plated Grade 8.2 hardware for bin assembly. JS1000™ plating has been proven to remain completely rust-free in over 1,000 hours of salt spray testing, that’s 20 - 25 times the corrosion resistance of regular electro-zinc products.
Wind rings
When recommended for your area, wind rings are provided as part of the grain bin structure. Rings are 2 1/2" OD tube rolled to match your bin diameter.
Unloading systems
Unloading options include Power sweep systems, conventional tube unloads, sweep augers and chain conveyors.
Commercial stiffener
Commercial grain bins use a robust stiffener for added strength and stability that is required for taller and larger storage bin applications.
Aeration systems
Centrifugal and axial fans with high and low speeds available to meet all your aeration needs. Full or partial aeration floors are available to suit any application.
Roof sheet
Roof sheets utilize a 3" rib and flat plane corrugation with 4" spacing for increased rigidity.