Family owned since 1965, Lambton is Canada’s leading manufacturer of grain storage, handling and conditioning systems.

Our 200,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Wallaceburg, Ontario, is home to engineering, production and support resources serving international farms, grain marketers, food processing and feed manufacturing industries. We pride ourselves on quality manufacturing for the industry’s most complete range of grain system structures, components and accessories – “ONE SOURCE. ONE SOLUTION.”

Lambton is rooted in the rich southern Ontario farmland of the Great Lakes region. Today, with international manufacturing facilities and a global network of field representatives, we continue to value our close personal connections with customers and associates around the world.

Belt Conveyor
Lambton Machinery (Zhengzhou) ltd. uses CEMA Standard, CAD, CAM and CNC Technology, offering special conveyor designs for different industries. Lambton’s Belt conveyor is widely used in grain, food, seed, beer and other beverages, pesticides, tailings, chemical engineering, coal, port and other industreis. It’s capacity can be up to 1500t(wheat)h or 100t(malt)h.

Drum Belt Conveyor Features:
  1. Advanced technology in drum design ensures smooth running and long life span.
  2. Many kinds of drum combinations for different material
  3. Conveyors with large capacity and length use large drum, cushion drum and regulating drum ensurig safe running
  4. Can meet requirement of no breakage and low residue level, applicable to seed,grain and oil industries.
  5. Optional conveyor stuctures: The complete close, semi‐close and open style.
  6. Portable and fixed type are availible for both level and inclined conveyor.
  7. Assembled type and easy erection.

Air Bed Belt Conveyor Features:
  1. International advanced drum, air chamber design and manufacture skills ensures safe and smooth running.
  2. Stiffened belt.
  3. Specially suitable for outdoor work, no additonal safe gaurd device is needed.
  4. Assembled type and easy erection.
  5. Portable and fixed type are both available.
  6. With perfect enviroment protection feature.
Bucket elevators

Bucket elevator selling features


-Galvanized Modular Bolt Together Design

-TG&P Shafts

-Slide Lagging On Head Pulley Standard

-Standard UHMW Liner in Head Cap (Available In Urethane & AR Steel)

-Double Spherical Roller Bearings

-Vertical and Horizontal Alignment Bolts For Bearings

-UV Resistant HDPE Dust Seals, Precision Punched To Shaft Dia.


-Hemlock Seam Has More Strength Than Welded Seam

-Tie Frames Welded To Trunk With Silicon Bronze

-Hot Dipped Angle Iron Flanges

-Trunking Flanges Are Numbered For Assembly To Ensure Leg Stacks Straight If Jig Is Off


-Galvanized Modular Bolt Together Design

-TG&P Shafts

-Slotted Rod Boot Pulley Standard (Winged Pulley Optional)-Prevents Corn From Getting Trapped Between Belt And Pulley

-Pillow Block Ball Bearings

-Acme Threaded Take Up Rod

-HDPE Dustseal Behind Takeup Adjustment Plate, Precision Punched To Shaft Dia.

-Vertical Stiffening Angles In Frame Of Boot To Give More Rigidity & Strength

-Spring Loaded Takeup Does 2 Things

1. Pulley Has Give ...Takes Pressure Off Of Belt If Cup Catches Somewhere In Leg

2. Visual Aid For Belt Tension

Drag conveyor selling features


-Galvanized, Modular Bolt Together Design

-Double Spherical Roller Bearings

-UV Resistant HDPE Dust Seals, Precision Punched To Shaft Dia.

-TG&P Shafts

-Enclosed Belt Shield & Compact Motor Mount Design


-Galvanized, Modular Bolt Together Design

-All Panels (Sides, Bottom And Top) Are Individual Pieces For Easy Replacement If Needed

-UHMW Return Rollers-Standard...Return Rails Optional

-Splice Plate Joiners - Stronger Connection Than Angle Flanges

-Roller Chain Standard (81x, 81xh, Double Row 81xh)

-Paddles Assembled On Chain At Factory

-10g AR Side Liners, 1/4" A

Rr Bottom Liner, 5g Bottom Available


-Galvanized, Modular Bolt Together Design

-TG&P Shafts

-Pillow Block Ball Bearings

-UV Resistant HDPE Dust Seals, Precision Punched To Shaft Dia.

-Acme Threaded Take Up Rods



-0-4 Degrees - Should Be No Issue With Capacity

->4-8 Degrees - Chain Should Be Double Flighted (Paddled)

->8 Degrees - Use Incline Conveyor


->8 Degrees - 50 Degrees

Grain cannon selling features

-Galvanized Head And Boot Vs Painted

TG&P Shafts

-Bolt Together Design - No Welding

-Head Or Tail Driven Either Left Or Right Hand Drive

-Factory Assembled Drives

-Curved Steel Liner In Tail To Help Guide Paddle Into Tube And With Capacity When Cannon Is Run On An Angle

Tubing Gauge

6" - 12 Gauge

8" - 10 Gauge

10" - 10 Gauge

12" - 10 Gauge


6" - 1/2"Uhwm

8" - 1/2" Uhmw

10" - 1/2" Uhmw

12" - 1/2" Uhmw



8" - 81xhh

10" - 81xhh

12" - 81xhh

-Angle Of Operation Up To 60 Degrees

-Vertical Tube Spacers Are Bolt On To Help With Adjust When Connecting Tubing

-Galvanized Bolt On Horizontal Splice Connectors

Grain loop selling features

-Galvanized Corners Vs Painted Corners

-Split Sprockets In Corners Standard

-Split Transitions In Corners Standard

-Double Spherical Roller Bearings

-TG&P Shafts W/ Step At Bearings To Prevent Shaft Migration In Slant Loops.


6" - 12 GAUGE

8" - 10 GAUGE

10" - 10 GAUGE

12" - 10 GAUGE


6"-1/2" UHMW

8" - 1/2" UHMW

10" - 1/2" UHMW

12" - 1/2" UHMW


6" - 81X

8" - 81XH

10" - 81XHH

12" - 81XHH


-Rack And Pinion Controls With Solid Pressure Angle Rack Vs. Rack And Pinion Controls With Chain

Screw Conveyor


Screw conveyors move materials either horizontally, on an inclined or vertically. They are used to feed, distribute, collect or mix and can be equipped to either heat or cool while performing this transfer. They are widely used in grain & oil, feed, food, metallurgy, mine, plastic, chemical engineering, building and medicine industries. It is suitable to convey powdery, granulous and nubbly bulk materials etc. The screw conveyors are mainly made of carbon and stainless steels. The special specification will be ordered as requested.


  • It consists of reducer with motor, gear, bearings, helix, casing, lubrication system, etc;
  • Custom-designed to handle almost any materials in almost any application;
  • Conveying granular, flake, and chunk materials—pulp stock, powders and minerals etc;
  • Corrosive and abrasive materials are also conveyed by modifying design;
  • Economical method of elevating and conveying;
  • Bearing a wide range of pressure and flow;
  • Evenly and smoothly continuous flow, free from vibration, low noise and high speed;
  • Solid structure, easy operation, installation and maintenance, as well as environmental friendly;